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Website designs for start up businesses

Designing your WEB page

Designed for you

Each website is designed around your business needs. We can advise on domain naming, site content and page layout, layout and pages required to meet those needs to inform your visitors, potential customers, about what you have to offer. The website is a work of fact about your business and so, writing and supply of the initial content is down to you, as it is only you who knows what it is that needs to be told.

Dedicated Web Designer

You will always have design consistency as your site will always be handled by one designer.

Responsive design

Having a WEB site that adapts to the display size of any device, from a desktop to a phone, is now a standard requirement. Having a responsive design constantly alters the page layout so that it always remains presented in the best viewable way.

Minimum 4 page design

More is not always best and a site with as few as four pages can easily portray all the minimal information required. Generally, this would be a home page, a page for detailing your business services, a contacts page and a page giving a history of the business.

Contact Forms

This is essential information on how customers can get in touch with your business. Displaying a form configured for them to give essential information for you to reply can encourage enquires.


A locator allows those who may not be familiar with your address to see your location on a map, this can include other travel and location information to be used on mobile satnav.

Continuing site development

After completion of your site, it may only need small changes each year, or more substantial changes on a monthly or weekly basis. Whatever level of changes, we can discuss a site maintenance plan priced around your needs.

Hosting the WEB site

Free Domain Name

The start-up package will include one domain name free for the first year. Additional names can be taken out for a small fee. All domain names must be re-registered every one or two years, sometimes for up to ten years. It is like paying a rent and it goes to the organisation who maintains the domain registrar. There are several different organisations who maintain the different top-level domains, like .com,, .uk and so on. We can advise on how to minimise the cost of maintaining the renewing of your domain names. After the first year, there is a re-register fee, which is included in the 'Annual maintenance'.

One Year Hosting Free

The start-up package will include one year’s hosting free. Every domain name that has a WEB site to publish can only do so if it is 'hosted' by a hosting company. Independent WEB developers generally rely on a hosting company to both host their own site and the sites they develop. The hosting company provides both an IP address and storage on a server for the site to be available, this method is the most cost-effective way of getting a site up and running. After the first year, there is a hosting charge, which is included in the 'Annual maintenance' fee.

Email Addresses

The benefit of using a hosting company is that email servers are available to provide your domain name with email addresses. Availability is unlimited but that is far more than even the largest enterprises would need. Realistically, we will agree a number of email addresses when we set up the domain hosting, a nominal fee will be incurred for extra emails thereafter.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are what helps make your site secure. SSL keeps internet connections secure and prevents criminals from tampering with data exchanged between your site and browsers. SSL secured sites have an URL starting with https://, note this does not guarantee a sites content is safe.

Annual maintenance

To maintain a WEB site online, the domain name has to be re-registered on a periodic basis, also, continuing space on a domain server to host the site, a valid SSL certificate and email server, all need to be paid for. We charge a modest fee to cover these fees annually.

SEO Friendly

Being SEO friendly is an ensuring that appropriate key information is presented in the site pages so that it is usable by the search engines to improve searchability of the site. It is this with publishing the site that help improve the ranking of the site in search results.

Being legal

GDPR Compliance

As a small business we can help you with being GDPR compliant. The activities of every business differ and each needs to be looked at individually.