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Start up websites

nentrium graphics provides start-up websites for start-up businesses or existing businesses without a website.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram to name a few are a good place to attract business opportunities and a loyal customer base. But the humble website also has its place, there is no one stop solution, each have their own place as a combined internet sales strategy. Owners of social media accounts need to spend periods of time monitoring and maintaining them, whereother as websites need only be updated perodically, depending on your needs, other than setting it up, the overhead of having a website is mainly with the developer.

Often small businesses rely on a local customer base. Many times, I have heard small business owners say that they don't need a website. The services they provide is spread by word of mouth and social media platforms via sharing.

Recommendations by word of mouth at the school gates, shops, cafe is effective but remains local. By social media it covers a wider area, even to the four corners of the earth, so not all the shares will result in opportunities.

In areas that rely on tourism, the visitors may not use any or all of the social media channels used by your business. Even if they did search for services you provide, there is no guarantee they will find you.

Websites can provide an additional means for your business to be found by potential customers. All devices that can access social media accounts will also have at least one browser installed. This allows the user to search the 'WEB' or 'google', so called, as searches are often done using a Google browser. Statistically more than 60% of searches are done on Google Chrome. Search engines that return results from the users search criteria, use information embedded in the website. Other tools are used to further increase the ranking of a site in the results. A search for 'find a fish and chip shop near me', will find outlets, providing they have an appropriately written site.

Placing your business on to Google maps, without a website, can also give results. The results also include other businesses that fit the search criteria, all with website links. Users who find the link does not point to a website and inform them about your service, can quickly go back and look at another result, resulting in lost custom.

The expectation of a website is ubiquitous, in that visitors expect to find information about your services or products easily. You can clearly discribe and show the services / products that you provide, with good images, because as they say, a picture paints a 1000 words. A page for your contact details, where you are located and information about your self and your business. Although social media sites can also contain this information, the presentation can vary immensely, not always allowing the visitor to locate what they are looking for, where as a website has a ubiquitous minimal layout.